BabelColor CT&A
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Color translation and analysis tools.

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BabelColor CT&A Description

BabelColor CT&A is a collection of tools specifically designed for Color Translation, measurement, and analysis. Tools are grouped by theme in individually managed windows.

RGB vs RGB: A bidirectional RGB color-space translator and comparator tool. This tool accepts manually entered L*a*b* and RGB inputs; it does not require a color measurement instrument although an instrument can be used to input data (instruments purchased separately).

All other tools need spectral data in order to provide results (they are collectively called spectral tools.) With the exception of the CRI tools, a connected instrument is required to use these tools. Except for the FluoCheck tools, all spectral tools accept inputs from an i1Pro or i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer, manufactured by X-Rite; the FluoCheck tools requires an i1Pro 2.

Color Rendering Index (CRI): Evaluate the quality of lamp illumination using the current CRI method (CIE 13.3: 1995) as well as CQS (Color Quality Scale, NIST), CRI2012 (nCRI), GAI (Gamut Area Index), and MCRI (Memory Color Rendering Index). File input with spectral data in 5 nm or 10 nm intervals is accepted; a connected instrument is not required.

Density: A full featured densitometer which can measure Reflection Density, Dot Area, Apparent Trap, Print Contrast, Hue Error, Grayness, and Saturation.

FluoCheck: The FluoCheck tools provide numerical data on the color stability of one or two samples under the M0, M1, and M2 Measurement Conditions as defined in ISO 13655.

Graph: The Graph tools enable you to compare two spectrums and perform simple spectral math operations between them. Measurements can be taken in reflectance, emission, ambient and flash modes.

ISO 3664+: The ISO 3664+ tools can be used to evaluate the viewing conditions for Prints, Transparencies, and Color monitors, as per ISO 3664, with additional flexibility in setting the individual goals.

Metamerism Index (MI): The MI tools provide numerical data on the color stability of a single sample (color inconstancy) or of a pair of samples (metamerism) under various illuminants.

RAL Design: This tool is used to obtain the color of a measured sample in RAL DESIGN notation.

Whiteness: The Whiteness tools are designed to measure the whiteness, brightness, fluorescence, and opacity of printing papers.

For photographers, press operators, graphic and web designers, product and textile designers, illumination specialists, scientists, hobbyists.

BabelColor CT&A Screenshots

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What's New in BabelColor CT&A 4.5

Note: BableColor CT&A now requires OS X 10.7 or later.
New features:
ISO 3664+ tools / Color monitors : Added support for measuring the Tone uniformity (i.e. Color uniformity, Section 4.2.2) and Tonality Evaluation (i.e. Grey/White Tone ratio uniformity, Section 4.2.3) requirements of ISO 12646:2014-Final Draft.
Measurements are performed on targets located on a 5 x 5 uniform grid.
Measurements can be performed with White, Grey, and Dark-Grey targets.
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BabelColor CT&A Requirements

Operating Systems:

Mac OS X

System Requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or later

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